Infant and Toddler Shoots

Infant and toddler photo shoots


So the baby days are over, and now your little one is starting to explore their world – as stressful as this stage can be for you at times, it is also one of the cutest and most entertaining of your life! Let me capture those incredible moments when your little child’s life is full of ‘firsts’ and adventures each and every minute! Working with this age group can be challenging as most never keep still and want to investigate everyone and everything, but the results can be truly heart-melting. In addition to being a beautiful compliment to your family’s visual history, a unique photographic collection of your child at this innocent stage may well serve as a much needed morale booster for you when they reach the troublesome teenage years!


infant and toddler photo shoot

To see a full sample gallery of a kids photo session click on the images above or here.


Facts: infant and toddler photo shoots


  • 2 – 3 hours

What’s included:

  • the shooting at your preferred location

  • pre-selection and post-processing of the images

  • your personal online gallery (protected with password to allow only you and the people YOU choose access) with all the post-processed pictures

  • either 3 images of your choice as download or 12,5cm x 18cm high quality prints (Package A)* or digital files of ALL the images as download or on CD (Package B)*


  • Package A*: 230 Euro

  • Package B*: 480 Euro

*You can choose between the following 2 packages:

Package A):

  • Includes 3 free images of your choice either as download or 12,5cm x 18cm high quality print from my professional lab in London


  • online ordering facility (shopping chart) for further pictures directly from your personal gallery.

Prices for 12,5cm x 18cm prints start from 8 Euro per print. You have the choice of plenty of different products from traditional prints, fine art prints, canvases, framed pictures, etc. to special gift choices such as mugs or T-Shirts.

I exclusively work together with a professional lab in London, ensuring that the prints and other photo products you order are at the highest possible quality for significantly better results compared to ‘standard’ labs found elsewhere.

Whoever you choose to give your password, e.g. members of your family or friends, can also order prints directly. You don’t have to do it for them.

Package B):

You will receive ALL the processed images as digital files at the highest resolution, downloadable from your personal online gallery (for you and your friends and family, again, whoever you choose to give the password). Alternatively I can give you the images on CD. Additionally, of course, you can still choose to buy prints or specialty products through my professional lab in London, but then you also have all the digital files available to you.


infant and toddler photo shoot